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5 Tips for Managing Diabetes at Work

You can't manage diabetes by taking a pill. It takes major lifestyle changes. Like, monitoring your diet, exercising, and eliminating stress. These lifestyle changes can be difficult. In order for them to work, you have to integrate them into your home and work routine.

At St. Rose Integrative Medical Center, we know how hard it can be to juggle your work life with your diabetes. Which is why we’ve provided tips on how to keep your blood sugar in check while you’re at work.

Have a morning routine

Regular routine plays a major role in diabetes management. Starting your day off right at home can set the stage for success throughout the rest of your day.

We recommend you take a few minutes to meditate in the morning. Focus on your breathing and the silence around you. This simple exercise can help reduce stress and blood sugar levels. And provide you with much-needed self-care.

After you're done, be sure to take check your blood sugar. Take your medication and eat a healthy, balanced breakfast before you head out.

Pack your lunch

Your diet is one of the most important pieces of your diabetes management plan. You can eat at restaurants, but it's important to keep your carbs in check. Pack your own meals when you can. This will help better manage your blood sugar levels and your weight. Just make sure your meals are on the healthier side.  

Create a workplace walking club

You don't have to join a fancy gym and sweat it out on the stair climber. All you really need is a good pair of walking shoes.

Create a workplace walking club or walk around with a coworker. You'll have someone to keep you company. And you'll burn off excess sugar! Aim for 30 minutes of planned exercise every day.

Plan for the office sweet treats

Sweet treats at work can be a real battle. People love to bring cakes, candy, and snacks. To fight the temptation, keep healthy snacks at your desk. Or in the staff refrigerator. Such as cheese sticks, mixed nuts, or sliced cucumbers.

It’s OK to enjoy the sweet treats at work on occasion. Just be sure to make modifications to your food, so your blood sugar levels stay within an acceptable range.

Talk to your boss

When it comes to managing diabetes at work it’s important to have open communication with your boss. You don't have to share personal details, but make sure they're aware. In case you need a few minutes to regroup and step outside. Diabetes falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act. So, you don't have to be afraid of job security. Remember, your health comes first!

Diabetes may be common, but it's difficult to manage. To get the holistic care you need, call St. Rose Integrative Medical Center today. You can call our office at 702-342-0034 or request an appointment online.

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