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Stem Cell Therapy: A Game-Changer for Patients With Neuropathy

When you have a form of neuropathy that causes tingling, numbness, and sometimes loss of function in your extremities — but rarely other areas — conventional treatment often includes pain medications or antidepressants. These don’t get at the root of the problem and only temporarily stop the symptoms.

Stem cell therapy offers a revolutionary alternative treatment. This cutting-edge procedure revolutionizes peripheral neuropathy treatment so you suffer less and restore function.

About stem cells

Stem cells have special qualities in that they can morph into different types of cells depending on what your body needs for healing. They also proliferate rapidly, making copies of themselves.

For stem cell therapy, our team at St. Rose Integrative Medical Center acquires adult stem cells from your own fat around your abdomen or thigh. You receive a local anesthetic, and then we suction the fat out using a special syringe. The recovery is quick and easy.

Treating peripheral neuropathy

We then process the cells and put them back in your body via an IV. The stem cells are optimized to penetrate the brain, where they can identify damaged areas responsible for neuropathy. Areas of damaged nerves release specific messages that the stem cells pick up on. The stem cells are then attracted there to provide healing. The stem cells actually sense injury and travel to it. They migrate to heal the damaged nerve endings that cause neuropathy.

Effectiveness of stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy has been most successful on people with toxic, environmental, and autoimmune peripheral neuropathy. These include neuropathies caused by:

- Alcoholism

- Some chemotherapy medications

- RadiationShingles

- Spinal stenosis

- Complex regional pain syndrome

- Multiple sclerosis

You usually feel improvements in your condition within a few weeks or months. Those people with diabetic or idiopathic peripheral neuropathy seem to respond about 30% of the time to the treatment and usually benefit from more than one treatment of stem cells.

The cells are anti-inflammatory, promote sensory nerve repair, and have strong healing properties. They’re safer and possibly more effective than any current treatments available in the management of neuropathic pain.

Benefits of stem cell therapy

Stem cells hold some of the greatest potential for revolutionizing neuropathy treatment, and St. Rose Integrative Medical Center is on the cutting-edge of providing this treatment. Adult stem cells are safe, readily available, and without controversy. As the treatment is honed through research, stem cell treatment for neuropathy is likely to be the treatment of choice for affected patients.

For patients who only have found some relief with opioid-based therapy, stem cells offer an alternative that can prevent the addiction and side effects of the drug therapy. Side effects of opioid treatments include constipation, respiratory depression, and even death. Opioid therapies are also often ineffective in relieving the pain of neuropathy.

To take advantage of this groundbreaking therapy, contact St. Rose Integrative Medical Center in Henderson, Nevada. Medical director Dr. Charmaine Ortega is a leader in neuropathy medicine, with expert diagnosis and treatment modalities. Patients from all over the world are welcome at the facility.

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