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Neuropathic Pain

St. Luke Integrative Medical Center
Charmaine Ortega, MD,
Neuropathy treatment center located in
Huntsville, AL

If you live with the pain, burning, tingling, or other symptoms of neuropathy, you know how this condition can impact your ability to enjoy life. Dr. Yvonne Ortega, MD, FACEP, of St. Luke Integrative Medical Center in Huntsville, Alabama, is a leader in the field of treating neuropathy, using both traditional and the latest groundbreaking treatments to relieve neuropathic pain and symptoms. Call or schedule an appointment online for a consultation and find out how Dr. Ortega can help you.

Neuropathic Pain Q & A
What is neuropathic pain like?

Neuropathic pain can vary considerably from one patient to another. Your nerve pain may be overwhelming to the point of incapacitation sometimes, while being only moderately troublesome at other times. 

If neuropathy is the source of your pain, there are usually some other neuropathy symptoms, including:

  • Shooting pains in the feet

  • Numbness in the feet and hands

  • Burning sensation in the feet

  • Muscle weakness in and around the feet and hands

  • Balance issues


When you suffer from neuropathy, you'll likely experience multiple symptoms at once. While pain may be the biggest concern, all of the symptoms can come together to be nearly overwhelming if you don’t reach out for help.

If you suffer from diabetes or if you’re undergoing chemotherapy, your risk for neuropathy is elevated and you need to watch closely for signs of this kind of pain. However, neuropathy pain can potentially occur in anyone, so be sure to see your doctor if you notice the kind of symptoms listed above.

Will neuropathic pain go away on its own?

Neuropathy pain may diminish somewhat naturally over time, but it won't go away completely on its own. If you try to ignore neuropathy pain, it's likely that you'll experience permanent nerve damage. 

What is the treatment plan for neuropathic pain?

Dr. Ortega’s unique treatment protocols combine state-of-the-art neuropathy treatment techniques in an innovative and incredibly powerful way. 

This truly groundbreaking treatment system is one of the main reasons that St. Luke Integrative Medicine is a leader in the world of neuropathy medicine. The results are easy to see in the many satisfied patients at St. Luke Integrative Medicine. 

Call now to book an appointment or use the online appointment request tool.

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