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Peripheral neuropathy sufferers often experience an uncomfortable tingling sensation in their hands and feet. This often goes along with a sharp type of shooting or stabbing pain. These symptoms can make it difficult to stand, walk, or function normally, but fortunately there’s expert help available. Dr. Yvonne C. Ortega, MD, a pioneer in the field of neuropathy treatment, helps patients with tingling and other symptoms at St. Luke Integrative Medical Center in Huntsville, AL. Use the online appointment request button or phone the office now to get noninvasive and nonsurgical neuropathy help.

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Tingling Q & A
What does tingling in the hands or feet mean?

Sometimes, tingling in your hands or feet just means that they "fell asleep." This happens when there's unusual pressure on your nerves for a limited time, for example when you cross your legs for an extended period, you might have one leg fall asleep. 

This kind of tingling is just temporary. It goes away shortly after you return to your usual position, stand up, or start walking.

Tingling can also be a key indicator of something far more serious: neuropathy. If you have neuropathy, your tingling will continue sporadically and unpredictably. Because you have serious nerve damage, you need treatment as soon as possible.

What other symptoms occur along with tingling?

If you have tingling due to neuropathy, you'll also experience pain. The pain can vary from dull to sharp, and it’s often sporadic just like the tingling may be. You're likely to experience shooting or stabbing pains in your feet, especially in your heels.

Besides tingling and pain, neuropathy can cause problems with balance, numbness, muscle weakness, and a burning sensation in the hands or feet. Neuropathy can make it difficult or even impossible to move and live like you used to.

What is neuropathy tingling treatment like?

The goal of neuropathy treatment at St. Luke Integrative Medical Center is to help you get back to your pre-neuropathy life. Dr. Ortega uses a specialized approach that she created just for neuropathy sufferers.

The treatment protocol at St. Luke Integrative Medical Center is one of a kind, as it was developed by Dr. Ortega herself.

If you want a solution that can help you find relief from neuropathy tingling and other symptoms for the long term, with no medication or surgery required, the groundbreaking neuropathy treatment created by Dr. Ortega may be the ideal solution for you. 

Schedule your assessment at St. Luke Integrative Medical Center today to learn more. You can use online booking, or call the office to plan your visit with Dr. Ortega now.

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