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Numbness is one of the most common symptoms of neuropathy. It can become so serious that some patients have serious injuries of which they're completely unaware. Fortunately, St. Luke Integrative Medical Center's medical director Dr. Yvonne C. Ortega, MD, FACEP treats patients using the number one neuropathy treatment system in the world. Patients come from not only Huntsville, AL, but all over the U.S. for this cutting-edge treatment. Request an appointment online or call the office to book now.

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Numbness Q & A
What are the results of numbness in the feet or hands?

Many neuropathy sufferers ask why numbness is necessarily such a bad thing since it prevents a lot of pain. However, numbness increases your risk of serious injury. 

Numbness means that you don't have enough sensation to alert you to injury. You could develop burns, cuts, or even broken bones without feeling a thing. 

If you're unaware of an injury like a serious open wound on the bottom of your foot, you'll keep using the foot as normal. This leads to constant aggravation of the injury, infection, and eventually possible loss of the foot. Ignoring numbness is very dangerous for your overall health. It’s not worth the risk, especially when there are highly advanced treatments available.

What other symptoms come with numbness?

If you have neuropathy, nerve pain usually accompanies numbness. Even if your feet are almost totally numb most of the time, you're still likely to experience breakthrough nerve pain sometimes. 

When you have neuropathy, you're also more likely to have problems with balance, muscle weakness, and a burning sensation in your hands and feet.

Will numbness resolve on its own?

No, numbness won't go away on its own. The numbness is an indicator that your nerves are dying. Generally, the sooner you start treatment, the better the results.

What is the treatment process like for numbness?

Neuropathy treatment at St. Luke Integrative Medical Center focuses on relieving all of your neuropathy symptoms through highly advanced science-based technology. Thanks to the groundbreaking state-of-the-art treatments at St. Luke Integrative Medical Center, you can potentially get relief from numbness and other neuropathy problems, even if you never thought it could be possible. 

If you thought that numbness meant your nerves were dead and useless, you’ll be amazed to find out that help is available. Dr. Ortega has created groundbreaking treatment protocols for neuropathy that can help you get your feeling (and your life) back again. 

If numbness is a problem for you, it's important to get help as soon as possible. Use online booking, or phone the office to start on your journey to good health.

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